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Websites: volunteer administration



Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada provide national leadership for those working in the field of Volunteer Management.    

Volunteer Canada provides a variety of practical resources, information, recognition materials and volunteer centre locations and services.       

Library, articles, news, volunteer and paid positions, training and more.          

Susan Ellis’s site includes newsletter, articles, resources, book orders, bibliography and more.       

Imagine Canada sites include Canadian and Ontario statistics, tools to understand and use research to enhance volunteerism, and a variety of resources under the topic Volunteer Management.        

Key statistics on charitable giving and volunteering from Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating



Provincial Association of Volunteer Resources – Ontario is a provincial organization that promotes professional standards of excellence in the administration of volunteer resources throughout Ontario.

Ontario’s medal and recognition programs celebrate the people who make our province a better place to live. Volunteer award programs recognize the contributions of volunteers of all ages from seniors to youth. 


Templates and resources:

Case Appointed Special Advocates for Children website. Sample Volunteer Policies and general volunteer management resources.

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and works with Ontario’s Public and Broader Public Sector employers and workers, providing training, consulting and resources to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Imagine Canada Insurance and Liability Resource Centre. Their mission is to help charities and nonprofits become informed insurance consumers and take a practical approach to managing risk so that they can truly protect their people (volunteers, staff, board members, clients, participants).

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement is a road map for voluntary organizations, large or small, that proposes strategies to effectively involve volunteers:

  • communicating the values and benefits received from volunteer involvement;

  • providing a framework for decision making, taking into account organizational values and guiding principles; and

  • developing standards for involving volunteers in meaningful ways to ensure successful integration of volunteers for both the organization and its volunteers.

Insurance Bureau of Canada – Risk Management information


Volunteer Management Certification

CVA Certification - International

CVRM Certification - Ontario

Volunteer Awards

Government of Canada - www.canada

Government of Ontario -

Helpful Web Resources

Volunteer Canada

VMPC (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada)

PAVRO (Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders Ontario)

Charity Village

Imagine Canada

Volunteering in Ontario

Public Safety Canada


Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge

HR Council - National Standards for Volunteer Managers, HR Standards and Ethnic Diversity in the workforce

Volunteer Blogs

Erin Spink's Blog - is a past president of PAVRO with 20+ years in volunteer management

Twenty Hats - Elisa Kosarin, CVA helps nonprofit on their mission and raise

more money by strengthening their volunteer programs

Lori Gotlieb Consulting

Volunteer Plain Talk

Energize Inc.

Places for free webinars about volunteer management

Volunteer Match

Wild Apricot

Places to post your volunteer opportunities

Charity Village - *must create and sign in to an account

Spark Ontario - *must create and account to add an opportunity


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